Friday, July 31, 2015

Feliz Dia do los Pioneros!

July 28, 2015

Hola mis queridos!! :) 

So today we had transfers!! And guess what?? I’m staying here in Chacabuco for my last 3 weeks!!!! :) I’m so so happy!!!! I’ll be here in Chacabuco in a trio, which will consist of me, Hermana Urra and our new companion Hermana Hawkins! Hermana Hawkins is from California! She is just fantastic! I love her already with my whole soul. We were talking today and we found out that we were in 3 of the same classes at BYU and we never met each other! Too funny! :) The only time I was in a trio was in the MTC, so it’ll be interesting being in a trio. It should be fun. :) 

Hannah in her Trio with Hermana Urra and Hermana Hawkins!
On Sunday I had my despedida. It was so weird. Because I said good bye to everyone, but I’m still not leaving so I just didn’t know how to feel jaja. It was fun seeing the members from my wards and everything, but it just didn’t feel real. Because honestly, none of it feels real. I just can’t believe how quickly the time is passing! :/ 

On Pioneer Day, July 24th, we had an activity as a mission where we commemorated the pioneers and we read Moroni 10 as a mission to finish the Book of Mormon together as a mission. It was one of the most beautiful activities we’ve had. As we finished the BOM and sat in silence pondering, I was able to feel the spirit so strongly. I was able to have yet ANOTHER witness that the BOM is true. It is without the truest book that exists on this earth. I loved feeling the conviction again and again, as we listened to some testimonies from the missionaries. We then watch part of 17 Milagros to remember the pioneers and their sacrifice. I cry every time in the movie. I think it is one of the most beautiful movies there is. One of my very favorites. I always feel so humble watching it. It was a beautiful movie. It has been the most beautiful experience reading the BOM in 24 days. I have no doubt that it was completely inspired by our Heavenly Father. It was exactly what I need, exactly when I needed it. I know the BOM is true. I know it has the answers to all of our questions. It is such an incredible guide in my life. It has the power to change the lives of those who search and ponder it diligently. We receive God’s guidance through reading it. Don’t let a single day pass by where you don’t read it. I love the BOM with my whole soul. It is the greatest treasure to me. 

Judith and Aracelly didn’t go to church again last week so we’ve had to drop them. :( I’m super sad about it, but it’s for the best. If you love them, you gotta drop them. I know that when the time is right they will be baptized. They have the desire and they’ve received their answers, now they just have to wait until the circumstances allow them to. I’m glad I had the opportunity to teach them and show them the truth. Now we’re just about starting from zero, but I know that we’ll find. It’s when you have nothing that you see the biggest miracles!

Today, I had to go to a self reliance class for all the missionaries going home. It was weird....and sad. I think it’s just easier to stay on the mission.  Oh and it was also the last time I’ll see mi hija, Hna Yancey, it was really sad. :( 

Hideous, noisy pigeons!
Pigeon update: They’re absolutely hideous now. And now they make lots of noise. I will send pictures. 

Yesterday we talked to a lot of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I don’t know how. It just happened. It’s very interesting talking to them. I don’t really know why I shared that, it was just a random thought that popped into my head.

Well, I think that’s about it! Love you all and am so grateful for your constant support!! Have a fantastic week!! :) Remember, when we love the way the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :)

Hermana Van 

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