Friday, August 7, 2015

Enferma y Milagros!

August 3, 2015


Well, this week has been a mission changer for me personally. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this week, because I have learned very very valuable lessons. We’ll just start right into it.

Last Wednesday I woke up just fine, but throughout the day, me health started getting worse and worse. At lunch I could feel that the next day I would be super sick, thinking that at least it would take a little longer and take affect the following day. Well, I don’t know how, but in a matter of hours I was absolutely miserable. My whole body ached, my throat, ears, and head absolutely killed. I was on the verge of tears many times because I couldn’t believe the amount of pain I was in seeing as that it all came on at once. But, I didn’t want to go home and rest because we need to work. We needed to find people. We had absolutely no one. So we continued to work. Then we go to our meeting with the ward mission leader and the other elders, where I basically just sat down and leaned my head against the wall in mas o menos agony waiting for the meeting to finish. A new elder in our ward was sitting next to me and offered to give me a blessing if I needed it (the only one out of the 8 elders in our ward to offer me a blessing and he wasn’t even my zone leader. My respect for him is tremendous.). So then, the young men’s leader came into the meeting (he’s a recently returned missionary) and he sees me and immediately brings me water. After the meeting he asked me how I was and if I needed anything. I ended up asking him and the other Elder for a blessing. (Which was quite an achievement for me, because the truth is that I don’t like asking for blessings because I find them very very sacred and don’t want to ask them for just whatever.) So the Elder did the Anointing and the YM Pres sealed the anointing. It was one of the most special blessings. The spirit could be felt so strongly. I was crying through the whole blessing. He told me in the blessing that Heavenly Father loves me and sees every single one of my efforts in His work and is pleased with what I’ve done. He told me that He wants me to feel more of His love. And then some other things as well. This blessing was honestly an answer to my prayers. After the blessing I felt a spiritual weight lifted off of me. I realized that I honestly needed this blessing a long time ago, but I’ve been too prideful thinking that I didn’t need to ask for Heavenly Father’s help in that way and that I could do it. Luckily for me Heavenly Father loves me enough and I was put into a situation where I would ask for a blessing in one way or another. I’ve been so humbled this last week. Since the blessing I feel like I’m me again. There’s been a big change. It’s been such an incredible experience. 

So last week we worked hard, had quite a few people with baptismal dates, all ready to go to church and then Sunday came, we looked for them to go to church and none of them showed up. Walking to church I tried to keep the faith that one of the investigators that said they were going to church would be there already, waiting for us. We get to church and our ward mission leader says that he has a reference for us and that there was a guy that had shown up by himself. Then he tells us that he thinks the investigator is gay because he heard him say that his novio (boyfriend) told him to go to church. That was disheartening. But after meeting him and talking to him we find out that his novia (girlfriend) is a member in a different mission and has taught him almost all the lessons and told him to come to church. So long story short, he asks how to become a member of the church and ends up accepting a baptismal date for the 22nd of August!! It was a huge miracle!!! It just strengthened my testimony that we really don’t do anything in the work. This is the Lord’s work and He is the one doing everything. He is working grand miracles in our area. It was really such a tender mercy from God. I love the mission. I love seeing God’s hand bringing about His work and His glory. 

Well, this email is already far too long, so I’ll just cut it here. There are some other little things, but it’s okay. The trio is going just fantastic! And the pigeons now look like pigeons and are just hideous. They still have yet to fly. And that’s about it! I love you all!!! :) Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :) 

Hermana Van 

PS As way of health, I’m much better, but I do have a pretty nasty cough. But it’s all good!!  :) 

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