Tuesday, July 7, 2015

El Libro de Mormon, Nidos y Cementerios

July 6, 2015

Mis Queridos! 

I have sooooo much to tell you all that I gotta start YA! This week has literally been a week of miracles!!! :) I will start with one of the most beautiful parts of the week. The Book of Mormon! We have decided as a mission to put an extra big focus on the BOM, so because of that we have decided to read the entire BOM together in 24 days!!!!! :) (That means we have to read 26 pages every day) We started July 1st and we will end the 24th to commemorate Pioneer Day! Ah, I can’t even express my feelings about this little project we’re doing. It couldn’t have come more at a perfect time. In the last 6 days, my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened more than I could have possibly imagined! I’ve have been desiring and looking for a greater fire, to truly give it my all in these last weeks of my mission, and I had become discouraged at times when I hadn’t yet received it. But from the very first day I started the BOM the fire and urgency I felt during the day was exactly what I had been looking for. The love for the Savior that I have has been greatly multiplied. My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ is stronger than ever. On every level my testimony has been strengthened through these 6 short days of reading the Book of Mormon. I testify with my whole soul that the Book of Mormon in the word of God. It is the most powerful and perfect book that exists. I have no doubt about that. God always fulfills His promises, of that I’m sure. "Look and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you." I beg you all to READ the Book of Mormon EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail!! It’s power will be oh so present in your lives. 

I know that as we have put this greatest emphasis on the Book of Mormon that God has been able to work miracles throughout the whole mission. We found a few people this last week and they had planned on going to church, but sadly they didn’t show up. The only one that went with us to church was Nicolas, Miguel’s son. Well, that in itself was a great miracle. After Sacrament Meeting finished, we were going to go to Gospel Principles, when out of nowhere everyone started calling for us to go meet the investigators we had in Church. 2 little girls (Judith-13 years and Aracelly- 8 years) had walked into church with an invitation we had given in the street. Friday night at like 8:30 we had given an invitation to two women with babies, but sadly the street contact was really short because the person they were waiting for showed up and they had to leave. Well, we didn’t think anything of it and kept going. It turns out that one of them was the mom of these two little girls and she and her husband sent them to church yesterday. It was a huge miracle! Then, a member had brought her friend to church that lives in our area. Her name is Noelia and she has 16 years. She’s an amor!!!!! We had been trying to contact her, but never were able to find her. So her friend just brought her to church instead! Ah, en serio, so many miracles this week!! I really could not believe it when we were in church that so many investigators that we had never met were in church! #tendermercies 

Fun times watching the Copa Finals.
I don’t know if any of you have heard of the Copa America, but it’s a really big tournament in South America. Soccer obvio. Anyways, it’s like the world cup but smaller since it’s only in South America. Well, the finals were on Saturday and obviously Argentina was in the finals so we were allowed to watch it!!! :) It was Argentina vs Chile (and it was being held in Chile). So basically it was just a blast to watch! Sadly, Argentina lost to Chile in penalties. :( Needless to say, my companion was very happy.

Chile won, Argentina Lost. Sad Hermana Van:(
Last Monday we took the subway to a random place we had seen on a bus once and it ended up being a cemetery! It was the coolest cemetery I have ever seen!! I will send pictures. Some lady got mad since we were taking pictures so we had to be really subtle about it! jaja!

Saturday Nestor went to the temple with the ward!! Oh my gosh! I am so proud of him! Que lindo!!! :) Also, he passed the Sacrament to us yesterday! It was his first time. He is progressing so so much! It’s so beautiful! He is so golden! I just love that kid so much! :) (Just a quick update on Nestor.)

We have a pet! But don’t worry; we’re not breaking any rules because it lives outside of our window. A pigeon decided to make its nest right outside our bathroom window. And....wait for it....there are two eggs!!!! Now, I honestly hate pigeons. They’re literally so disgusting. They are EVERYWHERE in Buenos Aires. It’s the worst. However, this pigeon is the only pigeon I like because I like to look at the eggs jajaj! :) I will be sending photos! :)
Pet Pigeon Eggs

 Okay, well I think that about covers it all. At least the most important stuff. I could honestly go on forever I think. But I think that’s all I’ll write for today so it isn’t tooooo long. jaja. Oh and we’re going to the temple this Friday! I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!! I’m so so excited! We are being so so blessed! Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thank you so so much for your prayers! I love you all so much! Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :) 

Hermana Van 

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