Monday, July 27, 2015

El Templo, Comida, y Palomitas!

July 20, 2015


Well, last week was pretty good all around. Last Monday for Pday Hermana Urra and I went to an authentic Korean restaurant since a Korean town is in our area! It seriously rocked!! It was lots of fun! :) It was pretty dang good. To me it was really similar to Chinese food, just more vegetables. 

Last week we went to THE TEMPLE!!!!! Oh que gozo!!!! En serio! I can’t adequately describe my love for the temple. But I  think I’ve said that many times. It is just such an incredible place to be. I love it because when I was in the Celestial room I was able to just feel so much peace and tranquility. I love conversing with my Father in the temple because it’s just so easy and there are no distractions and I feel like I can just receive revelation so much easier. It was just pure joy and beauty! Oh how I love it! :)

Hannah's favorite place!
Last week we found a family of 7 and the parents were MARRIED! Huge miracle. Sadly we had to drop them because they weren’t progressing. :( The dad was a chain smoker. I honestly have never seen anyone smoke so much in my life. I would leave the lessons smelling like a smoker. Pelo, ropa, todo lleno de humo! But they are really great people! We had to drop them because they liked learning out of curiosity, but pretty much only because of curiosity, not to actually make changes and what not. It was really hard to teach them a lot of time because they hardly let us talk since they had sooooooo many questions. And the mom had studied a lot with the Jehova´s Witnesses, so that was interesting jaja. But yeah, like I said they are super great people.

Yesterday Judith and Aracely didn’t go to church because they slept in and their mom didn’t want to wake them up. And now they’re saying that their parents want them to wait a year before they get baptized. I was pretty sad about it all during church knowing that they won’t be able to get baptized this week, but I just had the thought come to me that they have the right to exercise their agency however they choose, and Heavenly Father would never take away that right. I’m hoping that tonight when we go and visit them that they will have received an answer that they need to get baptized now, instead of later. We’ll see. I know that whatever happens is the Lord’s plan. 

Today, we went bowling with the whole zone. It was really fun! I had a really good time!!! I’m proud to say that I wasn’t the worst bowler jaja!! :)

Hey remember the pigeon nest with the eggs? Well this week we did divisions with Almagro and I said to the sister that stayed in Chacabuco with me, "Hey come look at this nest! Do you see the eggs??" And then she responds to me, "Umm...they’re not eggs anymore..." They hatched!!! So now we have baby pigeons outside our window! They’re pretty ugly, but oh well. We’ve decided we’re their aunts jaja!

Well, I think that basically sums up this last week. It’s the last week of the transfer. I can’t believe how quick time is flying!!! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all! :) Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :)

Hermana Van 

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