Monday, March 2, 2015

A Cat and a Cracker

March 2, 2015

Hola mis seres queridos!!

Okay. Where the heck do I even begin? (And how many times have I even opened with that...?) Anyways, it was a fantastic week! Once again filled with miracles! I’m definitely a big "There can be miracles, when you believe" fan if ya know what I mean. #princeofegypt

Beautiful Yamila's Baptisim Day
So I’ll just start off with a few stories. First, Yamila got baptized!!!!! :) Last week was so crazy and stressful trying to get her baptized. We visited her every single day and asked her every single day if she had talked to her dad to get permission to get baptized and every day she told us no. Every single day we went there with the plan to talk to her about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom (So she’d have all the lessons for her interview) and every single time the spirit told us that we needed to talk about something else and read other scriptures, so we did. So we scheduled her baptismal interview for Saturday morning, even though she didn’t talk to her dad (and Friday we taught those commandments quickly). We got there Saturday in the morning and finally she talked to her dad right before we showed up! She passed her interview and everything was dandy. (Oh yeah, we started our fast for her Friday afternoon.) So we’re chatting after the interview and Yamila and her mom tell us that her dad said she can get baptized but not tomorrow because it was way too soon. We asked what Yamila wanted and she said to get baptized the next day. I literally had no idea what to say or do to have her get baptized the next day. I knew she needed to get baptized the next day because Heavenly Father confirmed it to me soooo many times during the week. Then I said, "How do you feel if we pray and ask Heavenly Father when He wants her to get baptized? Maybe He wants her to get baptized next week, or tomorrow. Who knows? Let’s ask Him." So we went into a room and Yamila said the first prayer and then afterwards Mirian (her mom) said a prayer. Her prayer was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can’t even believe it! I felt the spirit so strongly. In the prayer she said that she knew in her heart that Yamila had to be baptized the next day. After the prayer she said, "Yamila will be baptized tomorrow. I’ll talk to her dad tonight." And sure enough she got baptized. And her dad was there and everything. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my mission. So many ward members had been wanting this for so long and thanked us for the work we had done to help her get baptized. It was an incredible day. The Lord did it all. So mi hija already has her first baptism! That rocks! :)

A special day for Yamila and her family.
Then another miracle I just have to share. Thursday night ALL of our members failed us and couldn’t accompany us, even the ones that NEVER fail us. So then I was kinda stressed out and the next day I was just thinking who can I call who can I call? The thought just came to me more than once that I needed to wait until Lunch and ask the member Daniela who we were going to have lunch with to accompany us. So I did and she said yes! Then we went to contact a reference she had for us. We went there and afterwards there were a few people close to that area that I wanted to visit. So we go to a house and we started talking to a woman that was very hard. She didn’t seem to want much at all. But our member was PERFECT for her. After conversing for awhile she ended up letting us in and she told us her life story. At one point she said "A lot of religions have passed by. And one gave me a little blue book that I’ll never forget." She moved so she didn’t have the book any longer. I whipped out the Book of Mormon and asked her if it was the book she was talking about. And she said it was! She said that whenever she read it she felt like it was written just for her and her life! It was incredible!! (I’m SO grateful for the missionaries that gave her that book of Mormon even though she didn’t progress in that time.) She and her son ended up accepting to be baptized! :) So we’re real stoked about that! It was a beautiful testimony to me about using the members to find. The vision of the mission. It was an incredible miracle!

Okay, so this email is already real long so I just have few more quick things to say:

We (well mostly our member Anthony) rescued a cat from a tree this week. And then we watched it eat a cracker. A first for me. 

We have a stellar (Zenon from the 21st Century...hope you get that joke.) investigator named Richard! He’s like 70 years old and literally the coolest. Anyways, I’ll write more about him next week. He’s going to get baptized this week. So if y’all can pray for him that would be very much appreciated! We need a lot of miracles for him to be able to be baptized this week! :)

Well, I’ll wrap it up. I just want to say thank you thank you thank you for fasting and praying for me! Oh how real these prayers and fasts are! I feel them so so much! Thanks for your support! I love you all so much!! :) Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen! And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :)

Hermana Van   

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