Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Una Semana de Milagros!

February 23, 2015

Okay WOW. What a week of miracles! But like really! It was just such a great week. I was seriously dead at the end of the week, but it was a good one. :) We were able to find some really great people that are progressing nicely. :) We were just able to meet so many new people this week and I think for being so diligent in talking to everyone in the street the Lord blessed us with some great elegidos! Yamila is going to be baptized this week. Please pray for her!  She’s 9 and her parents are both members. Her mom really wants her to get baptized and her dad is mas o menos. Not too thrilled. I don’t know. But I REALLY believe she’ll be baptized this week. This Sunday March 1 (when she would be baptized) it will be exactly 12 years ago that I was baptized. So that’s fun. But yeah, I’m super old. Anyways, pleeeease pray for her!! :) 

Now onto mi hija:  Okay. So I don’t know, but I neglected to tell you all that my daughter is a HUGE Mirfanda!!!!!!! So we quote Miranda Sings a lot and talk like her a lot. Mi hija does her voice perfectly. I couldn’t be more proud. She really is my daughter jaja!!!!!! :) No but really, she’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I love her with my whole heart! We have such a good time together! I also learn A TON from her! She’s incredible! 

Hermana Van is now a Mama! She is meeting her new companion that she gets to train!
A story about my daughter: Okay, so we were at a meeting for all the people that arrived this transfer basically so President can see how they’re doing and what not. So there’s like 30 new missionaries and basically half of them are gringos obvio so they would talk in Spanish and English in the whole meeting. At the very end the asked each new missionary to share what they had already learned in these last two weeks and they said that they could do it in either Spanish or English. So pretty much ALL of the English missionaries just shared their experience in English. Then it was my daughter’s turn and I was just like praying in my mind "Do it in Spanish just do it in Spanish" and She gets up and just whips out just about perfect Spanish! It was so impressive!! Everybody was just super stunned! It was such a proud mama moment!! But the thing is  I didn’t even teach her any of that. I think everyone now thinks that it must be for something that I did, but it totally wasn’t! She just came super awesome and willing to learn. But really she learns to quickly! I absolutely love the chance I have to see her incredible progress everyday. I feel like I’m not doing much to help her, because sometimes I really don’t know how to help her the best, but it doesn’t matter because she is progressing so much. The spirit is her trainer. Not me. But yeah, I love her. She makes me laugh. And we’re pretty much just BFFs jaja. :)

What else? Hmmm...we had divisions last week with the Hermanas Entrenadoras (STLs). That was really good. I really love divisiones because I learn so much from them! They are such great missionaries so it’s a really great opportunity to learn from them! I love it! 

Hermana Van saying good-bye to her Mama (trainer)!
Ah, just so many miracles this week. I just feel like this week has been a grand testimony to me that God knows we’re not perfect. He knows our imperfections even more than we do. But He still calls us to the work. And all He asks us to do is give it our all and try our best. As we do that He sees our effort and dedication to the work. And that is when He is able to bless us and work miracles according to our faith. But He is the only one that can work those miracles. He just requires us to give a little first. I know that He works miracles according to our faith and I would never want my lack of faith to be the cause of Him not being able to work miracles in my area. It’s not always the easiest, but I think everyday my faith is increasing. What a grand blessing it is to be serving Him!

Thanks again fams and friends for all you do! I love you all with my whole heart! Que tengan una hermosa semana! Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen! And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged! :) 

Hermana Van   

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