Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Siga la Vaca

June 8, 2015
Hola mis queridos!!

Wow! Where to start?? I do believe that this has been one of the greatest weeks of my mission. What a blessing!! The work is moving along so well. Everyday passes faster and faster. I can’t believe that it’s all going by so quickly. 

Okay to start. I just want to say Congrats to the old man! ;) I really have no words. It’s so crazy to me that you’re bishop, but hey it’s not that surprising. You’ll be amazing! I’ll write you your own letter, don’t worry. Just a quick note in this one to say congrats. :) 

So this week. Well, we had a crazy big miracle. You know Miguel? Well, he is the greatest. He’s always been saying that he wants his family to listen and he wants to get baptized with them and that because of that we needed to wait to put a baptismal date. But it wasn’t looking hopeful with the fam because they never wanted to listen to us. Well Tuesday night we go over to his house and he answers the door and we ask him how he is and he says that he’s super happy and content. We walk in and his family (his wife and child) and sitting at the table ready to listen to us. We end up putting baptismal dates with all of them and then we had stellar lessons with them the rest of the week. Then when we went to look for them on Sunday they were all ready to go right when we knocked on the door. They all really really loved church and are super excited to keep going and learning and preparing for their baptisms. Ah, I just can’t even believe it. It’s so beautiful. They’ve had some real beautiful changes in the family. The gospel is bringing them so close again. The Gospel is real and true and changes lives. It’s something that only Jesus can do. That is what I love about being a missionary. I love seeing the miracles and I love seeing the CHANGES that the gospel brings to the lives of those who LIVE it. 

Mission Zone at a Mission Activity
This week has been a week of miracles. Honestly. I’m amazed. I mean, we’ve just been working hard as normally and we’ve been blessed with a lot of success. God is really the one doing everything in our area. We now have quite a few people progressing towards baptism, but I was thinking about what it is that we did differently to have more success, but it was just the timing of the Lord. Honestly. He has done everything. I just love seeing the Lord’s hand in His work. He does it all and I get to try to help a little and in the process, become a better, more Christ-like disciple. Well at least that’s the goal. I still lack a lot to be a true Christ-like disciple. But I’m sure trying my best. I just feel so humbled to be apart of this grand work, being so imperfect. There is no other work more important in this world. And I have the privilege to dedicate all my time and energy to this sacred work. 

Okay, so Friday and Saturday were RIDICULOUS! I’m not even kidding. It was SOOOOOO humid!!! I think they were the two most humid days of my mission! And that is saying something. I felt like I was literally in a cloud. You could FEEL the water in the air! I’m not even exaggerating!! There were like little droplets that you could feel. The sidewalks and the streets were WET and it didn’t even rain. All because of the humidity. It was nuts. So yeah, the weather has been a mess the last few days. But the weird thing is that it’s June and it’s not even cold. I mean, it should be winter and it’s been hot. Something’s up. I’m not too sure. The weather here in Argentina is even weirder than the weather in Utah. Crazy right? 

All you can eat Steak!
Today we went to a place called Siga La Vaca with the Zone. It’s an all you can eat steak house. Um heaven. And it was only like 200 pesos, or 20 dollars. It could be worse. It was super fun! We had a really great time siguiend la vaca! :) 

Well, I think that concludes what I wanted to tell you guys this week. I hope that you all have a fantastic week. I love you all and am so so thankful for each and every single one of you in my life! Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :) 

Hermana Van 

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