Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Los Dones de Dios

June1, 2015

Hola hola hola!!! :)

Playing Soccer
Okay, so quick eye update. Last week I had to go to a member’s house and get it disinfected because well, it was a smidge infected jaja. But now it’s all good! Last Tuesday and Wednesday it was super black! It was the coolest thing ever! :) But now, it’s a lot better, not quite as bruised at all, oh well. It’s cool. Oh and the cut is just fine. I disinfect it twice a day just to be sure. But yeah, it’s just fine. And my glasses continue to be broken, but they’re not too bad. They work just fine so I’m just going to truck along with what I got until the end of my mission. I mean, why spend money when there’s really no need? 

Soccer War Wounds! Lovely Black Eye!
Okay, what else? Well, we had to stay home Monday and Tuesday because we were sick, but I think you already knew that so.....moving on. Ummmmm.......Oh yeah, Nestor was confirmed!!!!! :) Another door open! It was really great! His mom went to church yesterday and has a baptismal date for the 13th! Let’s pray she arrives to it! She did tell my companion when we were on divisions that she wanted to be apart of everything and support her son more. So that is fantastic news. So I do believe that she and her other son will be getting baptized soon!! :) Miguel, sadly, was not able to go to church this last Sunday. He had to take care of his 12 year old son. I guess he couldn’t leave him for like 20 minutes. I’m not going to write too much about that, because it just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyways, just a little opposition. We’ll get everything back on track. 

Umm.....I’m super sorry, but I’m pretty sure this week was just like really weird and I can’t really explain everything in an email so it’s going to turn out to be like a really boring email. Sorry about that!! :/

Random comment: It seems like every Liahona article and church lesson/talk I read or hear is about Eternal Marriage. Like what the heck? A sign? Probably not jaja. 

We did divisions last week. I was with an Hermana that was with Hermana Yancey in the MTC. (Mi hija has 5 months in the mission already, can you believe that?? I can’t!) Anyways, being with her reminded me a lot of Hermana Yancey! The divisions were very successful actually. Like super super great! Anyways, I learned a lot from her, Hermana Chelson. She shared a quote with me about the gifts we are given from God. That changed my life. Because there are SOOOOO many gifts God has given us, or so many that we have the opportunity to develop. And I think that sometimes I just don’t realize how many there are. When I read about a few of them, I realized just how imperfect and weak I am and how I have a great need to develop more gifts of God. I also realized I have some gifts that I didn’t recognize before. Because I think a lot of times we see gifts and talents as things like playing an instrument, or a sport, singing, dancing, etc. But I’ve realized on the mission that those are such a small part of the talents God has blessed us with. In my mission I have come to know my weaknesses and my strengths and talents so much more. Ones that I never new exsisted. But yeah, I’m just super excited to make goals and focus on developing these new gifts I’ve read about. I think it is something that will help me a lot. 

Well, that’s really all I got for this week. I’m really sorry it’s such a boring email. It’s literally probably the most boring email I’ve written in my mission. Well I guess it had to happy sooner or later. I’ll try to whip something up really exciting this week. Anyways, I hope you all know just how much I love you! Cuídense mucho! Les amo un monton!! :) Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :) 

Hermana Van   

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