Friday, May 8, 2015

Bienvenidos a la Gran Mision Buenos Aires Norte!

May  4, 2015

Hooooola!!! Como Andan??

Okay, so sorry I wasn’t able to write yesterday! I was at the mission house welcoming the new missionaries to the mission! It was sooooo much fun! So what happens is the new missionaries go to the mission house to eat lunch and have interviews with President. Well, while President interviews the missionaries one by one, the assistants and a set of hermana entrenadoras start training the missionaries. We teach about health, safety, elegidos, 3 semanas, how to extend commitments, we do practices, chat get to know them, etc. It was suuuuuper fun. I absolutely loved it! The group of missionaries that just arrived is absolutely stellar! I can’t even believe it! Welcoming the missionaries just sent me right back to when I arrived. I can’t even believe so much time has passed! Never thought that a year later I would be the one doing the "training". Crazy. It was a really awesome experience. I learned a lot. :)

Okay, so as for transfers and my new companion. First off, I’m so incredibly sad that Hermana Palacios is gone. She is one of my absolute greatest friends. No saben cuanto le amo! Ah!!! It’s going to be hard not being with her. :( However, my new companion is awesome!! Her name is Hermana Urra!! She is from Chile! Fun fact: we were both in our training at the same time in Congreso. While I was in the MTC she had her first transfer in training. We both go home in September. It’s so so crazy. I can’t even believe that we’re companions. She’s so awesome. I love her. Oh! And obvio, I’m still in Chacabuco. I hope I die here. It’s an awesome area! :) (Die=finish the mission)

Another fun fact: My area is Korea Town. You know China Town? Yeah, it’s like the same thing but Korean. There are sooooo many Koreans that live in my area. They have a Korean Church in every block almost. It’s crazy jaja! Oddly enough, we don’t have any Korean investigators. I think it’s because they don’t speak Spanish very well. 

Hey so ya know when you don’t feel like you’re stressed out, but you really are so your body takes on the stress in weird ways? Well that is what is currently happening to me...I have dandruff!!!!! QUE ASCO! I found it like two days ago. Ugh!! Trust me, I wash my hair a lot so it’s not lack of washing my hair. My companion told me it’s caused by stress. I’m going to get some special shampoo. I don’t really know what to do to unstress myself because I feel fine. I mean, yeah stressed, but not like overly stressed. Meh oh well. That’s the mish. 

Hey fam, remember when we had Mexican jumping beans??? Yeah, I just remembered that today. Good times, good times. :) 

Um what more? We have a really solid little investigator named Nestor. He goes to all the mutual activities and church, and reads the BOM everyday and prays. He just does it all! He’s going to get baptized May 16th. I’m super excited. His mom, Nelsy, is a little hard. She said she supports him and everything and wants to go to his baptism, but she still hasn’t signed the permission slip and I don’t know why. Si o si we need that permission slip signed, so if you could all pray from her so that she can sign the slip that would be spectacular!! :)

Well, that’s just about everything I have to say for this week. Oh yeah, and I’m super excited for the Mother’s Day Skype sesh. I can’t believe it’s already time to skype again. The time has passed way too quickly. jaja! It’ll be fun seeing your beautiful faces! :) Well, love you all! Have a great week!! :) Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :) 

Hermana Van

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