Friday, January 16, 2015

Short Shorts and Church

January 12, 2015

Hola todos! Cómo les va??

Bueno, where do I start with this week?? Yet again it has been a week of miracles. It’s been super fun to be here in San Fernando and witness so many miracles. My companion and I have a great time together. 

Hannah with a Christmas Tree on her head!
Hermana Gomez with the Christmas Tree on her head!
Okay, so I think I’ll just start with my story from yesterday right away since I’m still thinking about what else I can share from the week jaja. So yesterday we went to pick up our investigators Lucia y Ashelyn to go to church. Saturday night they had a quince (instead of quinceñera they just say quince’s a birthday party for when you turn’s pretty big.). Anyway they had a quince for the cousin and they said that there was a chance that they’d be sleeping and couldn’t go to church. Well we did our best to help them understand the importance of going to church and they said they’d go. So when we passed by Sunday morning to pick them up pretty much the whole family was awake, however they told us they couldn’t go to church because they had been in the hospital until 2:30am. The 5 year old little boy, Tobias, had cut his leg/foot on the grill. So then we see Tobias and the poor thing is limping super badly. So they were super tired and since Tobias couldn’t walk very well they weren’t going to be able to go to church. So at that point we had NO one to go to church because our super awesome investigator that is getting baptized this week can only go to church every other Sunday due to work. So we decided to go to another investigator’s house and see if she wanted to go to church. Yeah, she didn’t answer the door. So we go to church and I’m just thinking, what we need to do this week to make sure there are investigators in church next week. Then while I was sharing my testimony (since I’m new in the ward) a guy walks in and sits right next to my comp in my seat. It turns out he is an investigator from a couple weeks ago. We had invited him to go to church last week but he didn’t go and he never could set a time to meet with us so I thought he wasn’t interested. So we didn’t even try to call him this last week and contact him, but miraculously he went to church!!!! It was such a miracle. The funniest part is that he works in the villa (ghetto) because he’s in the military. He is so buff. Like he seriously is like a body builder. Anyways, he came to church in SUPER short shorts! I was dying! It was so so funny but so so awkward and uncomfortable. I was like, this cannot be real. So then we talk to him after and he’s like I’m looking for the truth, I’ve visited tons of different church, etc, etc. So as we were talking to him we were trying to make him feel comfortable in church so we were trying to laugh since he seemed kinda tense, but he would not crack. This guy is so serious! Like super serious! It’s pretty funny. He’s like your typical military guy I guess. Anyways we have a lesson with him today. We’ll see what happens.
Matias who goes teaching with the Hermanas.
So like I said, we’ll be having a baptism this week!!! This Saturday. Her name is Diana! She is so so great! Ah I just love her! She has only gone to church twice, but with her work schedule we felt that it would be best for her to be baptized this Saturday and then be confirmed on Sunday. But since she only has two church attendances we had to ask special permission from the bishop. At first it seemed like he was going to say no, but in the end he said, this is the only exception he would make, but from here on out it always has to be 3 church attendances. We were thrilled!!! I’m so excited I can’t even tell you guys!! So PLEASE pray for Diana so that she can get baptized this Saturday!!!!! :)
Hannah loves the provincia of San Fernando but with it comes cockroaches!
Well, my story ended up being longer than I intended so it looks like I’ll just wrap it up here. I don’t want to write too much or take up too much of your time. But yeah, it was a good week. :) Quick side note, today I have 10 months. I’m kinda freaking out. The time is passing suuuuper quickly! I’m wondering where it’s gone. :/ Amway, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you so much for your prayers! Love you all!!! Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :)

Hermana Van 

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