Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rain Rain Go Away!

January 19, 2015

Hola Hola!!!!

Well, as the subject says, it’s been raining a ton this last week. Nothing new, its Buenos Aires, but igaul, I just don’t like the rain. It’s the worst to work in jaja. I’ll be sending a photo of me in the puddles in the streets. It was raining a full!!!!!!

Crazy Rain!
In other news.....DIANA GOT BAPTIZED!! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! I’m super excited!! She got baptized Saturday and then was confirmed yesterday!! :) It was a very very happy weekend! Stressful for sure in the process, but in the end when everything turned out well, it was the best!!! :) Oh and in OTHER news!!! I just got informed that my investigator in Almagro Jonny got baptized too! I’m super super happy for him! I don’t know if you guys remember me talking about him, but yeah, he got baptized too so I’m stoked. :) 

Diana's Baptism.
No sé que más decir. It was a really great week filled with lots of miracles and picture taking. Jaja. But it’s kind hard to describe everything that happened ya know? Oh yeah, we had exchanges with the Hermanas Entrenadores and I was sure I was going to the other area since I only had two weeks in the area, but it turned out I was very mistaken. I ended up staying in San Fernando. I was super nervous, but in the end it turned out okay. We found an awesome lady named Monica. She didn’t go to church (I think she was embarrassed with how her sons acted towards us. They’re snakes. Or in other words they try to flirt with us and what not. Bleh.) But anyways, even though she didn’t go do church, I think she will this next week. I really feel like she’s going to get baptized. 

Lovin' the missionary life!
OHHHHHHH!!!! I got a story for you guys! Okay, so Monday night we had a lesson with Denis. When we arrived he was once again in his super short shorts. So we sit down and he starts making some juice for us when a lady walks in and see us and just goes bazurk. She starts yelling at us and Denis saying that we couldn’t be there and that she knew his intentions and that she was the owner of the house and that visitors weren’t allowed in this house etc, etc. It was crazy!! I’m not even kidding. So we just say we’re super sorry and that we had no idea so we get up and leave and she slams the door behind us. So yeah we got kicked out, that was fun. Denis called us later and said that the lady isn’t the owner, she’s crazy and she was seeing a psychologist or something like that. So that was pretty funny. When we finally had our lesson with Denis in the chapel it went suuuuuper well. He said he had been thinking about baptism and lots of stuff. He recognized that the Catholic Church did a lot of things contrary to what the bible says. He had lots of questions and all in all it just went really well. I honestly think he will be baptized. I don’t know when, but I really think he will. 
Ooops! Got a little flour on the skirt!

Hmmm....what else happened? Burned some brownies, didn’t have power one night so we had to live by candle light, and held a new born guinea pig. That pretty much sums up the week! It was a good one. :) 

Missionary life by candle light!
Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! I feel all of your prayers so strongly! Thank you thank you thank you! You are all the greatest!! Love you!!! Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :)

Hermana Van  

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