Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter, Conference and a Baptism!

April 6, 2015

Buen Dia!!

Oh what a glorious weekend it was!! I'm seriously so so happy with how this weekend!!! :) Easter, Conference, and a baptism! What more could you ask for???

Hannah got to see her second family at Conference!
So Conference was just stellar!! I loved it so so much. I was very disappointed however that President Monson only spoke one time. It was very very sad! I love hearing our Prophet speak more than once. I can't decide which talk is my favorite. I just loved them all. I love that in conference we are able to receive so many answers to our questions and so much personal revelation. I honestly received so much personal revelation. I know that every single general authority is inspired and called of God. The amount of sadness I feel is unreal as I think about the fact that it was my last Conference in the mission. I don't know why, but conference is just extra special in the mission. It's hard to explain. Crazy to think that this October I'll be chilling with y'all watching conference. Oh also, set a goal for something in your life that you are going to improve on because of what you heard in conference. If we don't set goals and make plans in order to improve based on what we have just learned, it will have been wasted time watching conference. 

Hanna, Nicolas and Hermana Palacios.
So yeah, Nicolas got baptized!! It was absolutely beautiful!! :) Not even kidding. As he was in the font I looked up at his mom (She's not a member) and she was just crying so much as she watched her son enter into a sacred covenant with God. It was a very tender moment to witness. I have no doubt that he will one day be a missionary and that he will help so many people enter into this exact same covenant. Thus, we will never see the full fruit of our labor. 

So right now we're in President's house. My companion is quite sick. President wanted us to come today so that he could have interviews with both of us. This last week has been super rough for my companion and her health. But honestly her health has been really bad for the past few months. I feel so so bad for her. :( Basically she just got out of her interview with President and told me that she will be going home early. Mostly like at the end of this transfer. I'm so incredibly sad for her, however I know that this must be God's plan for her. She told me that she is extremely extremely sad, but that she also feels a lot of peace; that peace no doubt being a tender gift from the Spirit. I think sometimes we take for granted the gift of the Holy Ghost. It is without a doubt one of the greatest gifts Heavenly Father could offer us. I know that God has a plan very specific for each one of us. We are all His children and we are all unique. Because of our uniqueness we all have a plan that is very very unique. I have learned through watching my companion go through this trial that we must never compare the plan God has for us to other people's plans. We all need to pass through different trials and experiences so that we can learn and develop. And since we're all different we don't all need the same things in order to learn and develop. Remember mis queridos, to always trust in His plan. He is in charge. Life is a lot easier (even when we're in the midst of a really hard trial) when we accept His plan and His will. Se que es asi con todo mi corazon.

 Well I feel like that's it for now. Thanks for all your prayers and support. It would mean so much to me if you would all keep my companion, Hermana Palacios, in your prayers. She is incredible!  She is a hero of mine. Thanks for everything! I love you all so so much!!! Remember, when you love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :) 

Hermana Van

Ps. I'm typing on an American keyboard. It's weird. #argentine

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