Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mi Vida Como Una Misionera

June 23, 2014

Hola, Como Estan???
Well, I’m going to be honest, I’m kind of at a loss of words (strange, I know) of what to say. I mean, lots happened this week but I don’t know what to write about jaja! This week screamed by super super fast and it was filled with some of the greatest ups I’ve had and some of the absolute greatest downs. But basically that is a mission for ya. Ups and downs like you’ve never experienced before. I mean one day everything is working out and so so great and then the next day everything tanks. It’s crazy.
I guess I’ll start with Last P-Day. It was the BOMB!! We met in La Boca as a zone and played FÚTBOL!!!!! For like an hour. It was so so so much fun!!! We played for like an hour in the gym in the church in La Boca. I was pretty much dead the rest of the day jaja, not really a day of rest, but so worth it. The next day I was so incredibly sore, I couldn’t even believe it. I am super out of shape for soccer apparently jaja. And today we are going to play soccer again! Stoked!!!! :)
So all of our investigators were doing amazing last week and progressing so so well and then something happened to every single one of them on Saturday. I don’t know what happened, it was crazy. But none of them ended up coming to church the next day. :( Mentira! (Lie) We had one named Elva come to church! We couldn’t count her as a progressing investigator though because she is living with her boyfriend (a less active member) and they don’t have a marriage date yet, BUT they ARE getting married so that is thrilling! Elva is so so so so great! I love her! She is 19 (her boyfriend is 26) and last week taught them about the law of chastity. Awkward right? NOPE! It was absolutely the most spiritual Law of Chastity lesson I have ever had! She is making Diego sleep on the floor until they get married so they don’t fall and so she can get baptized afterwards! She’s just the greatest. I love her.
Okay, so the funniest thing just happened to me RIGHT NOW!!! So I’m just sitting here typing away when this guy taps me on the should and says "Hola". I say Hola back and he just leaves. Next thing I know I feel a tap on my shoulder and what do you know, he’s back. He asks me if I dance the tango. Um.....no para nada. He´s then like "Oh, wow, I thought you danced the tango. How long have you been in Buenos Aires?" I respond "2 months jaja." Then he’s like "Oh well, maybe we can go on a date and dance the tango." Or something to that effect, all the while glancing at my name tag now and then (I think he knew there probably wasn’t a chance when he saw my name tag, even if he didn’t understand it jaja). I say "Oh no, I can’t, I’m a missionary." And then he’s like "Oh okay of course" and just leaves immediately.  I just about died!! It was so so so funny! And now, as I type he is behind me in a station to talk on the phone. Funny stuff in the mission.
So real quick to close let me tell you about our goal as a zone. For this month our goal as a zone is to have 20 baptisms and 20 confirmations (There’s 7 companionships in my zone). We didn’t hit our goal for May and we were all pretty discouraged. Then we got one new zone leader and one stayed. This new zone leader has so much fire! Our zone has so much fire now and so much desire to really reach our goal. We pray so much to be able to reach our goal. And ya know what? Our prayers have been answered. We haven’t reached our goal yet, but Heavenly Father has given us every opportunity in the world to do it. I can’t tell you how blessed we have been. Right when we think, "Crap, how is it going to happen now" Heavenly Father opens a new door. It’s all about having faith and showing God that we are willing to do whatever it is we have to and whatever we are asked and He WILL provide a way! Always!! Just like Nephi tells us. Our God is a God of miracles!! We have been so so blessed this transfer, I can’t even explain it adequately. But just know that I truly have a testimony that if we ask in faith, we will receive. Never before have I seen this happen more than right now on my mission.
Update on the creepy guy. He came back and started talking to me about when my mission ends. Quick summary. He thinks I have a boyfriend in the US (I wasn’t about to tell him I don’t have a boyfriend so that he can think I could date him later or something) and he told me when I get home from my mission I’m going to drink. I told him that I don’t drink, but he then proceeded to tell me that before my mission I had a funny life (He was trying to say naughty but he couldn’t) and that I’m only tranquila (calm) now because I’m on a mission. I kept telling him no and what not, but then he told me that the eyes don’t like. (This last part he tried to speak in English jaja). Basically the funniest thing, but also so so so so uncomfortable.
Well, sorry I wasn’t able to write more about my week. I’ll try to be better next week. I’ll make notes or something on what happened every day. I don’t know. But I’ll be better jaja. Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic week. Love you all so much!! Remember, when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen. And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!! :)
Hermana Van  

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