Monday, June 16, 2014

El Mundial y Muchos Milagros

June 16, 2014
¡Buen Día! (Fun fact, I love when we have meetings in the morning because then we get to leave earlier and I get to greet everyone in the street with "Buen Día". It’s just so much more fun to say than "Buenas Tardes" y "Buenas Noches". jaja!)
Sooooo anyways. First... FELIZ DÍA DEL PADRE!!!!! ....ayer. I hope you had a FANTASTIC Father’s Day, Dad! ...And all you other Fathers out there. :)
Well, yesterday was incredible. We had....wait for it....5 INVESTIGATORS at church yesterday! When we were calling all of our investigators in the morning and going to go get them for church and it started to seem that they were all going to be there, I totally started tearing up. It was an absolute miracle! Ah, my heart is still so so full! Both our Zone leaders and our District Leader asked us what we have changed and what we’re doing now that we weren’t doing the last transfer. After Hna Centeno and I had talked about it we decided that really the answer is nothing. I mean yes, every day we make tons of mistakes and every day we try our best to improve, but we’re working just as hard and in the same way as we did in the beginning. We were just as obedient and diligent then as we are now. The difference is that we’re at a different place in the plan that God has for us. I know that God was (and still is in some ways) testing us in our diligence and obedience. I know that He was giving us those trials so that we could show Him that it didn’t matter if we saw the results directly, we would still do our best and work hard every single day. This has also been a huge testimony to me that God is the one in control 100% and He has simply allows me to have a small part in helping His children come to the truth. Because I know without a doubt that these investigators didn’t come to church because of me or something I did. I mean most days I feel like I’m the worst missionary ever, but lucky for me He still uses me as a tool, even with all my inadequacies. And lucky for me it’s the spirit that is changing these investigators and helping them have a desire to come to church and continue learning. How grateful I am for Heavenly Father and His plan. How grateful I am that He would allow me to play a small part in building His kingdom, weaknesses and all. 
So two of our investigators that came yesterday are related. Carmen (I believe I already mentioned her) has a granddaughter named Malena who is 9. Oh my goodness this little girl is so smart and has such a huge desire to learn and be baptized. I mean in the Plan of Salvation lesson she was asking us questions about Cain and Abel! So yesterday, we went to go get them for church and Carmen tells us that Malena woke up with a fever but she said that Malena still wanted to go to church. So she got all bundled up and off we went. After Sacrament meeting she came up to us and said that they had to go since Malena was sick and had a fever and she needed to rest. Totally understandable. Well, about 7 minutes later, in walk Carmen and Malena. She comes up to me and says that Malena said they needed to go to the rest of church and that she wanted to come back and go to primary to meet all the kids. My mind was blown right then and there!! I mean what a miracle and what a special little girl! We have permission to teach her, but her mom doesn’t want her to get baptized yet. Carmen’s and Malena´s baptism date is the 29th of June, so PLEASE pray for her and that her mom’s heart will be softened. I believe in miracles!
Another miracle! Perhaps not as spiritual, but still a miracle. One night we were walking home, and a lot of the time while I walk I look down. You know, don´t want to step in any dog dodo. (It’s seriously everywhere on the sidewalk here. It’s nast.) So I’m looking down and I just stop in my tracks. To my surprise there is 100 pesos just sitting on the ground and there’s nobody in the street, like at all. 100 pesos! So I call Hna Centeno back and we just stare at it, wondering what we should do. So we start looking around to see if anyone else is looking around trying to find their lost money. There was nobody. Then next thing we know we find more money, and more money, and more money. We ended up finding 175 pesos on the ground! Milagro. I’m sure there was even more money, but we were late and had to get home. It was nuts!!
Last little tid bit! Yesterday Argentina had their first game of the World Cup!!!! (Here it’s called El Mundial) AGUANTE ARGENTINA!!!! ANYWAYS, there was absolutely nobody in the street. It was nuts. But because Argentina was playing we had to go home earlier because you never know what’s going to happen in the streets if they lose, or if they win for that matter. The fans are fanatics here. Its great jaja! So yeah, we aren’t allowed to watch any of the games, in the message that informed us that we can’t watch the games, it said "until President says otherwise" (in spanish obvi). So I have hope that Argentina will make it to the finals and that President will let us watch it!!! Jajaj!! :)
Well, this letter is far long enough! I gotta get going! Thanks for all your support!! I love you all so so much! Thanks for your constant prayers! Remember that when we love the way the Savior does, miracles happen! And of course, Stay Anxiously Engaged!!
Hermana Van  

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