Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Two Months To Me!

May 12, 2014

¡Hola Todos!

Well, real quick, yep it’s my Two Month mark! I can’t decide if it’s gone super fast or super slow. I know, odd. I mean, I think "Wow, it’s already been two months?" But at the same time its like, its only 2 months... ya know? I don’t know if that makes sense, but yeah. 

So basically yesterday was the greatest day of my mission. Skyping with the fam could not have been any better!! It is EXACTLY what I needed. It seriously gave me so much hope and encouragement to keep on keepin’ on. It was good to see that life is still the same as it always is. Man do I miss you all! Only two more skype seshes! 

Yesterday was also super great because afterwards we were contacting references and we found a girl named Jaquelin. She is 18 and she is the first person we have felt like is going to be a real golden investigator. I have so much hope for her! When we were teaching her how to pray we said "What are you grateful for?" and she said she was grateful for us and that we knocked on her door. That was the greatest feeling ever! Oh how I hope she progresses! Espero espero espero!

Quick funny thing that I keep forgetting to tell y´all--My very first day here I met Hna. Urmston! She is one of the trainers and she came up to me and was like,"Hermana! We´re family!!" At first I was kinda confused and then I looked at her tag and knew exactly what she was talking about jaja!! Basically she has told everyone about how we’re "family" and sometimes hermanas will come up to me and be like, "Oh you’re Hna. Urmston´s cousin" and I just say, “yes” jaja. It’s pretty much hilarious. I love it. So yeah, I’m just chillin’ here in Argentina with the fam....kinda....

So this last week, I feel like I learned a lot because it was a bust week. However I feel like sharing my experience with divisions with the Sister Training Leaders. I went on divisions with Hna. Jensen and Hna. Centeno went with Hna. Vivas. While on divisions, I learned how to street contact. Hna. Centeno had never street contacted in her whole 9 months on the mission and she has wanted to have me learn, so Hna. Jensen taught me. Let me tell you, it is not an easy thing. However, I learned it is extremely important. Somewhere in Congreso, there are people who are extremely prepared to receive the Gospel. And they are ready to hear my testimony in my broken Spanish. But the thing is, is I don’t know who is ready, Heavenly Father does. So, I have to show Him that I am willing to talk to everyone in the street and constantly be asking for references so that I can find those people. If I can show Him this, then He will be able to trust me that when He puts those chosen/prepared investigators in my path that I am going to find them. I want to show Heavenly Father that He can trust me. Now, let me tell you, I still am sooo bad at heeding the promptings to talk to people in the street always, and it’s definitely a work in progress, but at least He knows I am trying. At least He knows I have the desire to do so. Sometimes I have promptings and think, "oh this is a prompting from Heavenly Father, which must mean something is going to come of talking to this person." But ya know what, that’s not always the case. I think right now Heavenly Father is giving me promptings to test me to see if I will respond to the promptings, so that later when He prompts me and it’s one of His prepared children, He knows I will respond. 

Another thing Hna. Jensen taught me that’s a key component of diligence, is being happy. It’s not just continuing to do what you have to and working hard, its also working hard with a good attitude- truly showing God that you love Him and His children. It’s showing Him that you are truly willing to give Him everything...your whole heart, might, mind and strength. I had never thought about happiness being a part of diligence, but it truly is. Sometimes it’s hard to be happy about trying another building, hoping the reference or less active will answer, especially after a long day and my head hurts from all the Spanish, but I know that it is so important to keep a good, happy attitude. Again, something I am working on. But again, it’s the effort that Heavenly Father wants. 

Good news, I did nothing to hurt myself this week. No more falling off the bed, so your heart can be at ease Dad jaja. :) We did, however, get sprayed with liquid garbage. It was possibly one of the most disgusting things of my life. No joke. (Then again, I’m known for being a smidge dramatic). I think it was Friday or Saturday. Hna. Centeno and I were just walking along when we passed a garbage truck. They were loading tons of garbage into the truck and I guess when they put it in the truck the truck compresses it or something. Honestly, I have no idea. All I know, is as we passed the truck, we walked through this spray/mist that came from the truck. It was so nasty. I couldn’t be more thankful that we weren’t talking in that moment and that my mouth was shut. Good times in Argentina. Jaja!

Well, it looks like that’s all for this week. Last week went by super fast with every day. I learned so much, and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to continue learning. It’s hard, but I trust in the Lord and the perspective that He has. Thanks so much for all your support. I love you all so so so so so much! :) Have a fantastic week! Remember, when we love the way Christ does miracles happen. And always, stay Anxiously Engaged. 

Hermana Van Wagoner

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